Screw it!

Squaring a floor joist.

Well here we are.

What started as an odd tongue in cheek idea about a month or two ago has materialized into a full blown platform on some friends land, around $500 spent (and many more saved, we hope), and two impassioned (or crazy) post-grads embarking on the next phase of our life.

Some questions in our minds as we approached the end of undergrad:

Where to live?

How to spend the summer?

How to save money?

After being in this academic race (yes that happens too in very alternative liberal arts colleges) how could we find some clarity? How could we become grounded again?

Robin was having trouble finding  place with his friend, Saul, and Charlotte really just did not want to pay the $600 rent for her (lovely but janky) college apartment room.

Neither of us are huge Thoreau fans or aficionados but we figured that his whole “live in the woods” but have laundry courtesy of local town and gown would be a nice approach. And thus the tent idea was born.

Robin: I didn’t want to just camp. I wanted to camp in a huge ass tent. So luckily we found a nine person tent for two people on craigslist for only $75 (a good deal, I think?) Maybe a steal nonetheless a lot of space.

Since we wanted our tent to be dry all summer we decided to build a 16ft x 16ft raised platform to camp upon. This was more of a production then we may have anticipated but we learned a lot in the process, leveling, squaring and constructing a complex set of sturdy floor joists.

Charlotte: we also learned a lot about each other. I was very wishy-washy at times and upset when I was not given “exciting” tasks. However we learned a lot about communicating through and with difference and sharing responsibility at Hampshire College, which we were able to implement. A practice in praxis. How “woke.”

Bare with us as we develop our blogging persona’s. The adventures will continue all summer full of twist and turns, fiascos, triumphs and joys, tribulations and serendipities. We hope you will enjoy our silly musings as we mosey (or more likely trip and stumble) through this next pasture of life.

Chow for Now Arizona,

Platform People


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