High stakes.

our home

Well One Week later and so much has happened. 

To be chronological or not… 

We set up the tarps last Sunday. Charlotte’s dad came out to help us complete with an engineering brain and 6’6” of scrappy brawn. Thank goodness he did! The tarp set-up seems to have created the most set-backs and irritation of the project thus far.

Charlotte: All things considered, though,  I maintain that these set backs were minute compare to how awful this whole building project could have been!

Our first attempt went smoothly. We rigged the 20’X30’ tarp more or less in a typical army tent style with a line down the middle and four corners staked at various heights. It seemed awfully simple and besides the fact that it was great to have the extra pair of hands and a knot expert it seemed a tad arbitrary that my dad be there. By late morning we had rigged it all up and Mark, Charlotte’s dad, was sent to get some tecnu to relieve the encroaching the poison ivy we had all been up close and intimate with. 

Tragedy and distress struck in those fateful 20 minutes when a big gust of air swooped up under our tarp. The force ripped holes near the less enforced sprocket holes that were being used to support our rigging line. How annoying! A fucked up tarp, a bunch of poison ivy, and three hangry workers … 

mere minutes before the fateful gust …

First things first we went back to Robin’s (former) home to eat some scrambled eggs and wash off … then brainstorm. Thanks to some handy left-over planks found on site we were able to create a less stream-lined but, perhaps, more sturdy tarp set up. Setting up the tent, we began to catch site of our upcoming summer. Besides a plethora of bugs and poison ivy, we agreed that it seemed awful romantic. Plus Mark had brought out Charlotte’s graduation gift – a lime green electric bike! 

Charlotte: Screeching down the driveway near the tent, it seemed to me that this was the closest to being a kid that one could get at 21. 

We moved into the tent on Thursday  … a very dramatic evening that consisted of the most childish argument antics courtesy of Charlotte. 

Charlotte: But hey! If this is what being a kid is like as a post-grad oughtn’t a girl get to pick a ‘well you hurt me fiiirrrrsssstttt’ fight every now and then?!

However, the set up looks beautiful and feels like home … besides an agreement that something must be done about how cold the bed is (wool blanket under the sheet?). 

Charlotte: Stumbling half tipsy into the tent last night after going to a show with a good friend and finding Robin’s arms welcoming me, I thought to myself: is *this* real life? Is *this* me at 21? Because if so that is pretty dope.

highfalutin tent living

From now on this blog will chronicle our adventures living in the tent – so while all four corners of our tarp and tent are firmly secured, the stakes may be ever higher. 

Chow for now Arizona, 

Tarp Tanglers 

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