Friction on the Frontier

Watermelon feta salad with corn on the cob and fresh Hungry Ghost Bread

Having now had a friend over for dinner, one could argue that we are officially settled into tent life.

Every morning we wake up around 7am, spend a few more blissful moments in bed and then get up because Robin has work at 8:15. We eat breakfast together (overnight oats, yogurt, or toast- though we have yet to perfect the latter) and make a pot of coffee for Charlotte and a cup of tea for Robin. 

This week has had its share of highs and lows and a lot more habitual wine drinking than we have ever done before. 

Highs include some wonderful dinners – frittata with greens, watermelon and feta salad, and pasta with summer squash and mushrooms; the joys of waking up together; a great meeting with the Hoffmans; and the beautiful view we see every morning. 

Charlotte: For the record I made the frittata and the watermelon salad! 

Making frittata (with camping stove 1 – before the propane leak)

Lows have included the anticipated set back types: our propane stove sprung a leak; 

Charlotte: When my friend Max, to whom I had gone on and on about lovely tent living, was over no less! How embarrassing! 

Robin got a flat tire; we broke a bottle of sesame oil (causing our storage area to smell very tasty); and we put a thawing watermelon on top of our dry goods bin – making a very sticky mess (thankfully nothing was ruined!) …  perhaps less anticipated (and exciting) ‘struggle’ has been the navigation of living with a partner. This is a whole caboodle of firsts for both of us. The most obvious being first time living in a tent but it is also the first time either of us has cohabited as part of a couple. 

Charlotte: Despite the fact that we had been told of these troublesome times by friends and family, perhaps foolishly I was caught off guard to hear that Robin was feeling iffy about how we are spending time together this summer … How do you make time for dates when you are both working full time, dealing with ‘homeowner issues,’ and trying to keep up intellectual pursuits?! All I can say is thank god I have an IUD. 

Much intensity later, we decided to go on a morning date on Saturday 

Charlotte: and I am very much looking forward to it!

Happy Campers (and ecstatic Charlotte) with waterrrrrmelllooooonnnnnn

Chow for now Arizona, 

Difficult Darlings

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