Country Mice Visit the City

Another week – three visitors at the tent! Robin’s friend, Isaac, and Charlotte and Robin’s official couple friends Allie and Gabe. 

The highlight of the third week in the tent, however, took place decidedly not in the tent. In fact it took place about as far away from tent-dom as one could imagine… on the third floor of a gallery building in Chelsea in NYC at the Paris Review Summer Issue Launch Party. 

Charlotte’s good friend, Hank, invited her to the event 

Charlotte: Which I was thrilled about! I have loved the PR since I was 18 and my boyfriend at the time got me a subscription. Honestly the worst thing about that break up was losing my physical copies in the mail… not gonna shell out $40 for the print edition no matter how much I love the writing. 

After some corralling from Charlotte and a very anxiety producing text to his manager, Robin was able to get work off and agreed to come down to NYC for the launch as well. The launch itself seemed to be consistent of exclusively NYC’s hottest and youngest intellectual crew (so obvi we fit in uber well): Model-esque, exuberantly moments away from publishing their next big cultural critique piece or selection of poetry, and drunk off of the free drinks (poured by some very funky bartenders).

Robin:  I had blast schmoozing with the young NYC intellectual crowd. Surprisingly they seemed to accept me inviting me into their scene (even though I am such a WEMA country boy). My proudest moment was when I put Tom Jones’ song “It’s not unusual.” The crowd went wild and the DJ gave me a thumbs up and said, “I like your style.” I proceeded to play an Italo Disco song “Dance School” and Jamiroqui’s “Feels So Good.” In my mind the night was a succes not to mention the pictures I took of Charlotte in front of the Andy Warhole Poster of the giant receipt!

Coming back to WeMA we were surprised by the sloooowww pace of life – now we had had a taste of the fast life! But the tent remains a source of vitality. We had our first dinner made a la rain (aka it had to be cooked under the tarp). We also had our first dinner a la dietary restrictions (vegan and no peanuts). They were one and the same. We made lovely sesame noodles with thin sliced veggies and topped with cashews; a beautiful salad with almonds and figs and strawberries; all served with some free bread from the local bakery with olive oil. It was a hit. 

Beautiful pasta with fresh herbs and ricotta made by Robin for a very hungry Charlotte post waitressing

Chow for now Arizona, 

City Slickers

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